Friday, 11 March 2016

High Five, Everybody

And that,  ladies and gentlemen is how five cycles of chemo are done. It turns out the hospital gave me the wrong appointment and were waiting for me first thing,  whereas I had it written down for the afternoon. A little bit of reshuffling later and I was in, having my second cycle of Docetaxel and thankfully again without the allergic reaction I have feared all along.  I do however have to go back next week for an ECG as my my pulse rate has crept up since having chemo but let's not forget the end is in sight. I think So Solid Crew is even going to make a lesser known comeback record - there's only 21 days to go- only 21 days til my final chemo and in less time than that i'll have some surgery information and an idea on whether I will be having radiotherapy.  Again,  the end is in sight.  In other news i'm hugely excited to say i've been involved with a story with BBC Radio Kent and my miracle centre,  Pickering Cancer Drop-In Centre.  I can't go in to details but the story is set to feature at some point next week- i'll let you know more when I do!

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