Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Altogether Now Say Goodbye to T!

What a ridiculously,  positively exciting day!
I had my last blood test for my last chemo and a surgical consult.
Tomorrow will be my last dose of chemo and straight after, the PICC line which took up residence in my arm three months ago will be removed.

This necessary, invading channel which stops just shy of my heart has had to be kept dry and free from inefection at all times- meaning a cling filmed arm extended out of the bath, learning to roll over in bed carefully and no rock climbing or going ape shit on the monkey bars. I joke, but it will be nice to get my arm back. 
On the surgery front, here's what I know:

My double mastectomy and reconstruction will take place in the one operation and I've been given three choices of reconstruction to mull over. I've also got a surgery date pencilled in and it's looking likely I may not need radiotherapy due to the fact my lymphs were normal-although this will be confirmed after the nearest lymph node is removed and biopsied.

So Spring is bringing new life. Even though i'm about to go into hibernation for the last time- how many times can I mention it's the last- I am so hopeful for the future and making plans.
Look out world,  i'm coming to get you soon enough.

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