Thursday, 28 April 2016

Nailing It

I'm never going to be a Pinterest mum as you can see by the charming array of delicacies pictured here. What you are seeing is my last minute efforts to rustle up a doll's tea party for the girls. Yes, I did cut out the sandwiches with a cookie cutter with best intentions to make a sandwich caterpillar but Child 2's continuing obsession with corned beef means they don't stack so well. Yes, you are also seeing in my desperation to make the plate look interesting I threw logic to the wind and speared party rings on cut down Pepperami. Savage.
On the cancer front I had my last surgical appointment before the big operation. It was a day for ordering implants and talking over the fors and againsts for keeping nipples.  It turns out if they can't be saved you can get stick on prosthetic ones for close fitting clothes in summer.  This gave me visions of a barbecue gone wrong.  "Oh, that's a funny looking ice cube in my drink..."
"No, sorry about that, it's just one of my nips has fallen into your glass. Go on, give it here..."
Anyway, mine got a stay of execution. That's one less thing to have to stick on these days I guess.
Talking of things being stuck on and equally falling off, after smugly declaring I had escaped losing any nails during chemo,  my left thumbnail has taken it upon itself to have a wobble and is wafting about like an over ripe milk tooth. Except I doubt I get any coins under my pillow, just a disgruntled note from the tooth fairy- much like when the binmen decide you've left out the wrong kind of rubbish and they decide to take a stand.
All in all, not a bad day for the girls and me- the tea party rolled nicely into a board games marathon session- despite super dad's efforts to cast a cloud. One thing i've steered clear of until now is touching on how draining co-parenting AND cancer is.  Especially if you are co-parenting with someone whose response to your diagnosis is 'I don't care' and when asked if they can contribute to a hobby for Child 1 told me I was using cancer as an excuse.  The mind boggles. Now, Boggle,  there's a good game..

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