Sunday, 3 April 2016

Time To Say Goodbye

Now seems like as good a time as any to hang up my blogging boots and get back into the swing of normal life.
I did think about blogging a bit longer but i'm not sure how entertaining the usual humdrum would be and it seems a bit self indulgent to carry on when all that's left now is to gain strength for surgery and recover post-op.
There's a life to be lived out there,  plans to be made, dreams to be realised. Thank you doesn't seem to cover it for all of you who gave time from your day to read, to respond to listen or to help in the past months but I thank you all the same.   You made me feel important when I felt so very small.
Something as simple as seeing people were reading the blog gave me a sense of purpose when my days felt they had none and it gave me an opportunity to throw out all the scary bits I couldn't deal with on my own.
It's thanks to all of you my lovely girls and I have a town we call home,  fantastic friends and hope for a healthy future.  While my cancer journey isn't entirely finished it seems right to wind things down- save for a few photo updates here and there.

Here's to the future xx


Stuart said...

I've read your blog from end to end as a mutual friend posted a link on Facebook. I'll just wish you and your daughters all the best and wishing you a speedy post op recovery. As I'm on the other side of the country our paths will never cross but if you find yourself in or around Swindon where I teach yoga and want a free class do drop in!


Mary Louise said...

I also found your blog through a friend. Your blog may help you through your recovery process - you could use it as a place to store memories or as a place for a good old mind dump!
I wish you the best of luck for your surgery and hope eventually when you start to feel better you will give us all an update. Best wishes xx