Saturday, 28 November 2015

Happy Saturday

I don't think I've ever enjoyed doing housework quite as much as this morning.  The girls and I were spurred on to make the inside of our house as fabulous as the garden now is and so we cleaned.  One tidied,  one ferried things upstairs while  I scrubbed,  washed, vacuumed, folded and organised us back into civilisation.  My girls are awesome and love a job. Today I relished taking a bit longer to show them how I do things and allowed them an extra cloth or sponge to help out and I didn't moan once. Just one of the many normal, small parts of everyday life which are a gift.
Our efforts were rewarded with a visit from one of my sisters and her family and hours filled with laughter and little cousins adoring each others company.
Don't get me wrong,  while I've accepted The Cancer I'm absolutely bricking the thought of chemo.  I don't feel ill  now but I know that's going to change soon.  Lots of questions in my mind - will I be ridiculously ill, how weak will I get, will I get fat ? (vain in the scheme of things I know) and ultimately  what's it going to be like, and at the same time wanting to never find out.  
I've been collecting screenshots of memes and other funnies people have sent me recently to stop me from being a right grumpy bastard.  With that in mind I'll leave you with this....

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