Sunday, 22 November 2015

What would Tay Tay do?

It just so happened that at the time of my diagnosis,  my eldest daughter who is only seven, was reading a book in which the central character dies from cancer.  It's an actual children's book too. I couldn't believe the timing of it
When I was diagnosed I was offered a children's book aimed at explaining breast cancer to little people. The problem is it talks about Daddy doing everything around the house while Mummy is poorly.  It's a nice idea  but not what would be happening in our home so I knew I would have to approach the subject in a way which was appropriate and didn't leave my girls with more questions than reassurance.
They  both knew I have had a poorly arm for a while and knew I was going to the hospital for it to be looked at  The conversation went a little like this.

Child 1- What did the doctors say about your arm?
Me- well, mummy has a lump in my booby which is making me a bit poorly so I need to have some medicine which may make my hair fall off for a bit.
Child 1- I don't want my friends to not like how you look
Me- ok, well I can wear something on my head.  What do you think I should have?
Child 1- A Taylor Swift wig.
Me- ok, sorted.
Child 2- mummy, can we keep the little baby lump in a cage?
Me- no, it's disgusting
Child 2- it's not disgusting,  I will look after it
Me- I might also need my boobies  cut off
(Cue guffawing laughter for a LONG time because this is hilarious when you are 7 and 4).
Child 1- Mummy? Can you get Taylor Swift boobies too?

So she is going to be absolutely miffed when she realises despite her best efforts to gradually morph me, piece by piece into Swifty,  I'm still going to be the same old,  slow coach tea drinking, scatty brained Mummy. But seeing as she recently said I remind her of Joy from Inside Out because o'm happy even on rainy days, I think she might just forgive me. I told her the word for what's up with me because I didn't want her hearing from older kids at school that mummy has cancer and piecing it together with Gangster Gran's fate ( the book she was reading ) and be sent into meltdown.  As a very good friend of mine says,  it's only a word, not a sentence.

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