Sunday, 29 November 2015

What shall we do tonight, Pam?

Tomorrow heralds my first oncology appointment and the unveiling of my course of chemotherapy and dates for each cycle. I've begun referring to it as my 'chemo calendar' and I'm still holding out that I'll be handed an actual calendar to put my dates on complete with 12 baldies as motivation.  January- obvs Phil Mitchell because everyone's grumpy after Christmas,  February would have to be Kojak,  March- perhaps Duncan Goodhew,  April -Sinead O'connor as all those tears are good symbolism for April Showers, that referee from the World Cup who looks like an alien would also make the cut.  October - naturally uncle fester....If you have any suggestions for the remaining months I'd love to hear them!
Not going to lie,  the apprehension is making me think about throwing my friend Pam into the mix this evening.  It's the reality of chemo calling and being a bit of a wuss when it comes to feeling peaky at the best of times. In my defence you wouldn't willingly schedule flu into your plans, would you? ! Still, the girls room has been organised and spruced today in anticipation of other grown ups needing to know how and where to find things when I may be testing up. Feeling a tad smug at having a clean and organised house. Is this what being a grown up feels like?!

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