Friday, 27 November 2015

It's about to get messy

I wasn't expecting to be get an oncology appointment so quickly but the hospital called today and booked  me in for Monday to discuss chemotherapy 'should I wish to proceed.' I didn't realise there was an option to refuse a medically induced hangover from hell but faced with the choice I say bring it on because I have a life to be getting on with.
Fun fact- did you know there's about fifty different types of chemotherapy?  Me neither.  So next week I'll also learn what flavour toxtail I'll be on. It's likely I'll be getting my first round in before Christmas and by my calculations will be able to give up chemo for lent.  I also got to book in some complimentary therapies at the miracle centre today,  so I'll be sampling Indian head massage and reflexology over the coming weeks.  Meanwhile I am just so, so tired!  Apparently this is all part of The Cancer and is going to last for a long time,  getting worse through treatment,  hanging around for a while after. I was inwardly relieved when my littlest fell asleep on the sofa early because I didn't have enough energy for our usual bedtime routine.  Thankfully a friend had made us dinner so I just had to reheat and serve. We also had a huge treat in that my best friend's husband came round and cleared our junk heap in the garden -meaning we now have a garden to enjoy!!

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