Thursday, 10 December 2015

Come on chemo, let's be 'avin' ya

It's seemed like an age waiting for the phone to ring with confirmation of my chemo appointments.  The hospital was bang on the tenth day of the ten they said it could take to confirm and it's felt a bit teenagerish waiting for a boy to ring my mum and dads house phone.  By the tenth day i've taken to carrying my phone everywhere and not vacuuming just in case I missed the call. Ok, that's a lie.  I hate housework and it's just an excuse but you wouldn't have known if I hadn't 'fessed up. *fessed.  Yes, I did read Sugar Magazine.

So, I have a pre-chemo appointment on Monday to go through everything that will become life from Wednesday.  It doesnt escape me that i will start chemo the day after celebrating a year of living in Tunbridge Wells.  What ever force brought us here,  be it a God or fate, the girls and I have accidentally found our corner of the world. Last year I was in good health but in a bad way privately.  This year i'm in bad health but feel like I have won the lottery with the life we have.  

All being well, i'll be off to the family in Dorset for Christmas.  The girls are off to their dad's this year so the three of us are having a visit from Santa on Sunday.  One thing I have got back since sprouting funbag fungus is my joy for Christmas and pretty much every day and any small joy it brings.  Today joy has been plentiful- watching Child 2 come alive in a goth shop 'look, skeletons!  They look evil!' said gleefully,  both of us taking a lunchtime nap,  a brilliant family event at Messy Church,  all our friends and strangely enough knowing I get a chemo down before the year is out.

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