Monday, 14 December 2015

Darth Vader's Birthday

On a scale of one to ten,  our christmas weekend rated awesome. Celebrations kicked off on Friday night with Child 1's beautiful carol service. It never ceases to amaze me how such a small school manages to put on beautiful events and then I remember the community we have and am so proud to be part of. Super Dad also came to watch, albeit from several rows in front to ensure the demon ex-wife was kept at bay but the girls were happy as always to see him. 
The following day we began junk modelling a dolls house before going to see the panto and a second glance of Tracey Beaker. Child 1 even made it on to the stage during the performance to meet Buttons. 
Our wonderful best friends then hosted a christmas party-during which I singlehandedly inhaled most of the buffet (soz). I'm guessing this is where the possible weight gain listed as a side effect of the ovary hibernating injection comes from?!
We got home on our very own Christmas Eve and it was all going so well. Until I realised I didn't have the usual bits  needed for a santa plate. After a thorough ransacking of the fridge and cupboards I settled on a jaffa cake, cauliflower leaves, cheerios for elf doughnuts and a glass of water.  Another Soz for old St Nick. 
The following morning the girls were mesmerised by the presents under the tree.  The highlight for me was Child 2 opening a Darth Vader lamp 'cool ' and a pretty bottle of Frozen perfume 'this is weird'. Shortly after both girls then abandoned all new gifts and returned to the junk modelling project they had begun the day before. 
We had music,  a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, plenty of jokes, board games and no one asked to watch the TV once.  
After dinner Child 2 came in clutching her Darth Vader lamp. "Mummy,  why is Darth Vader a bad guy?"
Me: *with no working knowledge of Star Wars "because he was nasty to some good people."
Child 2: "Was he always bad?"
Me: "No. He became bad because his feelings were hurt. Sometimes people are mean because they want other people to feel sad too."
Child 2: "Why does he look like that?"
Me: "he got burnt in a fire. You mustn't play with fire."
Child 2: "That's horrible. .....Mummy,  whose birthday is it today?"
Me: * knowing they both go to Christian schools I can't say Jesus as it's the wrong date....thinking. ..
thinking. ..."well, erm, it's Darth Vader's birthday!"
Epic win. This was the best news for a four year old. She promptly swung Darth Vader about and then carried him up the stairs, all the while telling him if he's mean to her she'll say don't feel sad Darth Vader. She's not scared of bad guys,  speaks many foreign languages (even if she has made them up herself) and knows how to reason with bullies.  I see a career ahead in the UN.
We topped the day with our church's carol service and both little ladies promptly falling asleep.  It was absolutely the most perfect Christmas we could have hoped for. Simple,  loving and full of fun. Out of darkness comes light,  eh Darth? 
Such a postive transition into the week ahead- the start of chemo and all it brings in its road of recovery. 

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