Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Frankly my dear, it's going with the wind

I know the weather forecasters  said Storm Frank was a windy affair but it appears they've failed to mention how a short, sharp gust could send my tresses floating off like dandelion seeds. As a child I used dandelions to tell the time - what time is it now? Bald o 'clock.
As you can see from the below i'm toying with a new idea known as the knee toupee. 

The sense of relief from my hair coming out is enormous.  For the past couple of days it's felt like i've been wearing a hairband that's too tight - I guess that's because my strands have been hanging on by a thread. Plus, mentally it's a relief  as the thought is always, always worse than the deed.

In other news I had an oncology check up today. I went in and explained my chemo side effects thinking I might get an 'oh dear' and a discussion on how we would need to try something new. Instead, the fantastic oncologist listened to all I had to say and responded with an answer pretty much summed up as 'it's chemotherapy. What did you expect? ' Not uncaring and massively reassuring to know in a very abnormal way it's all part of a normAl process. It's a waiting game now to see if the chemo shrinks the tumour.  It hasn't as yet and it's not too early to expect it to happen. In short, it might.  It might not.

Later on Child 1 and 2 sat in the bath and laughed as I brushed my hair out into the sink.  We used it to make silly shapes, pretended it was an animal, made it into funny styles and moustaches.  It might seem self indulgent or a bit much for little children to be so aware of what's happening but the aim is to get them laughing. They're not afraid. They know it doesn't hurt and they see a mummy who believes beauty is stored much deeper down than on a face. Having said that I think I melted yesterday when watching The Queen with Child 1 and on seeing Princess Diana she said :"Wow.  You look like her mummy. You could be a princess. "

Knee toupees will soon be available to buy so get time orders in quick  before they're all gone! 

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