Friday, 5 February 2016

A Very Happy Bunny...Or Two

The population of our house is significantly greater this evening than it was when we woke up due to a surprise from a very kind friend. 
Knowing how much I have been battling with an empty nest when the girls are away, our lovely friend, who has asked to be kept anonymous, arranged for the girls and me to have two rabbits and all the accoutrements they require. 
Hop forth, Dove and Tog.

We settled on the names because Dove is a sleek, white and gentle girl whereas Tog is in homage to Terry Wogan, who always reminded me of my dad.

I had mentioned to Child 1 earlier in the week I was going to browse guinea pigs but her face was an absolute picture when she came home to see our new friends. Child 2, who is usually a bit boisterous,  set herself down next to the cage and asked, "Mummy, do they like songs?," and the proceeded to gently sing Roackabye Baby. Where has my Darth Vader impersonating child gone?!

We've also now completed the local media hat trick of tv, radio and now the local newspaper...

The rise of the angry looking  egg continues! 

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