Sunday, 7 February 2016

Not Enough Hours In The Day

By the time I set foot downstairs this morning,  Child 1 had already been up and had set to feeding, watering and giving fresh bedding to her rabbit babies. They were hopping about an assault course she had laid out by the time I made breakfast. She's one organised little girl.
Child 2 padded down shortly after and immediately set about being a bunny.  Albeit a more clumsy,  mischievous version and more bitey.
As you can no doubt imagine,  being laid low yesterday meant a lot of tidying today and seeing as the girls have proved once again to be a popular holiday destination for touring nit colonies,  I had to treat both their manes before getting the house in order. Cue disappointment from both critter hosts who were looking forward to going to church but missed  out because I couldn't do all three things at once.
We were then off to a surprise party for one of Child 1's classmates and had a fantastic time. Child 1 won a prize, a chcool ate egg, for dancing and immediately shared her spoils with her younger sister.  Child 2 also won a prize, pushed her older sister away and ran to scoff it in solitude.
This evening passed by in a blur and before I knew it it was time for bed and due to a mounting list of jobs to be done before morning,  I put the girls to bed without a story. It's a rare occurrence in our house for this to happen but I always feel heartbroken when it does, expecially as I was tired and crabby so it was a double whammy of no story and me moaning about the stateof their bedroom.
I've since spent the rest of the evening plotting how I will make it up to them tomorrow as i'm already missing them in advance of half-term week, when they'll be off to their other family and I will be pulled under the fourth wave of chemo.  Thsee next three cycles will be with a drug called Taxotere and with it comes a new set of side effects.  Apparenrly sickness is not such a problem but in place of it comes bone and joint pain.
With that in mind,  and now the bad back has subsided,  I plan to fit in as much fun as I possibly can over the next 10 days. We're having our own pancake factory on Tuesday and as the girls and I have said we will be each others valentines this year,  we're having a candlelit dinner together on Thursday as it's their last night with me until the end of half-term.
I'm even planning a trip to see the family in Dorset next weekend  providing I can swap some hospital appointments  around and find cover for Tog and Dove, who the girls have swiftly nicknamed 'Dog' and 'the nice one '. What they mean by this is that Tog, whose markings look like she's in a glam rock band, has already mastered the art of escaping from her cage, enjoys ransacking the bin with the same fervour as a ravenous fox and will charge at 'the nice one ' looking for a fight.

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