Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Don't be giving me no pain, Chemo Fool!

I think it was Shakespeare who once eloquently quilled the line, 'today sucks bum,' and if he didn't then he should have because today does. Fact.
I don't know if my bones ache because it's the point in my cycle where they always do or if it's because I am still recovering from carrying a big food shop home on Sunday (so many offered to take me but I was insistent on doing it for myself) or a combination of both. I feel bruised from the inside out and my throat ulcers are back so today I am uncharacteristically miserable.
 I've reached the point in this regime where I feel like an animal trapped in a corner (still obsessing about guinea pigs clearly) and I don't want to be ill any more.  I would very much like to be 'just' a mum, 'just' an employee, 'just' bored and all the other justs I took for granted before I got 'just' breast cancer.
I got to speak up this morning on behalf of cancer patients lIve on BBC Radio Kent and I hope it came across I was discussing not only my personal funding issues but the widespread funding gap for all cancer patients.
So, anyway,  sorry about me today and my dark cloud. The girls and I were still sharing stories over breakfast about our wonderful evening with Kim and her family, and spoiler alert but Child 2 is planning on marrying Father John when she grows up. She's a very busy girl as she has already said she wants to marry my BFFAE, Superstellar Stephanie, AND her husband.
I'm off to bed. Night all x

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