Saturday, 20 February 2016

T minus 3

Thursday was the start of Docetaxol chemo and it surprised me how much the switch was playing on my mind before the event.  I think somewhere I had got used to my FEC groove of sickness, sleep, ulcers and aches and had a reached a point where I didn't want to change. Not least of all to a drug routinely described as having a 'bad press' because of the possibility of an allergic reaction when having it and the flu like symptoms it brings.
I won't lie. I cried as it was administered  because I was so nervous about having a reaction and I don't think I took my eye off the drip until the last drop dripped.  Back in the safe zone. Four down,  only two to go.
This time there's no sicknesses,  the tiredness is stronger than it was on FEC, the ulcers are setting in but there's no signs of the aches as yet. Apparently they will come.   For now it's time to rest.

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Mim Jenkinson said...

Ah I started Taxol this week - same thing? I was also a-crapping myself at the potential allergic reaction. I type this as I lie flat on my back - oh, the back pain! x