Monday, 1 February 2016

The Day An Angel Came to Town

You may remember me telling you some time ago about a very,  incredibly special woman called Kim,  who passed on to me a bracelet which served her through her own fight with breast cancer.
 Kim and I had never met but were introduced to each other by her cousin and my great friend,  Father John and she has offered me so much kindness,  support,  humour and just all round loveliness I have asked her a few times if she is an actual guardian angel. I'm certain she is.
Kim is the wonderful woman who also set up the gofundme page to help the girls and me financially in the tricky times ahead and it's a true reflection of her character that people who have never met us have donated.  She is so dignified,  selfless and just all round amazing - does it sound like I am writing you a TripAdvisor review,  Kim?!
Anyway,  today I met my hero and she also brought some of her wonderful family along too. The girls and I were absolutely honoured to meet them all. Of course, none of it would have been possible without Ada Vader.

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