Saturday, 6 February 2016

What is 'it', exactly?

Last night I started suffering from a pain in my back which is nothing new at this stage in my chemo cycle - check me out, sounding all experienced and things. Except by this morning the pain had intensified to a point where any kind of movement sent a rippling pain up my back and in to my chest.  Ladies,  if you have ever experienced back to back labour,  it was like one or those bad boy contractions. Thankfully the out of hours GP came to visit me at home and prescribed some stronger painkillers and voltarol gel which has clawed back the weekend for the girls and me.  I was extremely fortunate that some wonderful friends came to my rescue and took the girls out for a couple of hours so I could rest up. Anyway,  the visiting GP thinks the pain has been caused by overdoing it rather than anything sinister, which leads me to wonder what 'it' is ? I thought I had been taking it easy and by the look of my house at the moment it seems to agree. That said, the girls have clubbed together their piggy banks and bought a karaoke machine which I absolutely can't wait to get stuck into when they are asleep!  The three of us have been discussing using it to make our own pop video. Watch this space,  I may share the finished result!
Lastly,  I have to admit to you all something a bit naughty I did tonight.
The girls and I were talking over dinner when Child 1 spied dessert and said: "Mummy, I don't think I like meringue."
"What?!," I said incredulously. "Who doesn't like meringue?!"
"I don't think Iike the texture," she continued,  even though I have seen her wolf her way through spoonfuls of it when the mood takes her.
And this is when my evil genius came in to its own.
"You know it's actually the nest of a magic bird from the South Pole, don't you?" I said as child 2,  who at 4 years old is as cunning as the Artful Dodger, and I shared a conspiratorial wink.
"Really?!Are you ACTUALLY being serious?" Child 1 asked me, by this point her eyes wide with amazement.
"Oh yes," I went on, "these are hugely rare. Want to try one?"
Nodding vigorously she began gobbling with renewed vigour.  Between mouthfuls she managed to get out, "this is amazing. I can't believe these are from a magic bird.  I just thought they were made from icing or something but this is so amazing I might cry."
I would have stopped it there.  I already felt a bit guilty for convincing her a mythical creature made her pudding.  But not so, Child 2. She had other ideas.
Sniggering to herself she said, "yep, and do you know mummy met a fairy once?"
Unbelievable.  I don't know who was more shocked but for different reasons.
", mummy, is this true?"
In for a penny,  in for a pound I say and with Child 2 filling in the gaps, Child 1 went to bed  with a head full of magical dreams.
Me however?  I'm going to bed with one eye permanently open as it seems I have underestimated my youngest child.

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