Monday, 29 February 2016

Little Helpers, Big Help

"How are the girls coping with it all?"
It's the question  I am probably asked more than anything else and the one which brings the biggest smile to my face.  You see, my girls are positively thriving with all the extra time they're getting with their grandma, aunties, uncles, cousins and friends they wouldn't have had if I wasn't sick.
They may be small but their compassion for others is astounding.  Just this morning I was woken by both girls planting kisses on my cheeks, followed by Child 2 peeling back the duvet and attempting to put my slippers on my feet. Child 1 brought my dressing gown and Child 2 was back -trying to force my beanie hat over my head. By the time I had made it down the stairs, Child 1  had opened the curtains.
"We want to help you get better,  Mummy" they said.
I'm losing my eye furniture now  (brows and lashes) but in four months my adaptable children have gone from wanting me to wear a Taylor Swift wig so no one laughs at me to not caring one bit about the way I look as long as I keep being mummy. I couldn't be prouder.
You might remember I mentioned before about not wanting to write them a journal for the future because it would never be able to cover everything? Well, last week I had a light bulb moment and it's just so very right for us.  I've begun collecting my favourite books at different ages as a mummy library. It's a way of  being able to share so many more thoughts,  feelings and experiences with the girls as they grow.  Whether or not I will be able to enjoy my library with the girls is out of my hands but this way I will be with them in so many different lives, times and places our adventure together will never end.  It's just I might skip ahead a chapter. But for today we're writing our story together and my two brilliant girls are the punctuation,  transforming an ordinary tale into something magical.

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Mim Jenkinson said...

I'm crying like a baby - your girls are amazing x x