Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Crabby Old Cancer

If a picture truly can tell 1000 words,  the following image sums up my life in this moment perfectly:

I don't know how to not be tired right now. I can't remember regular words or how to spell and more and more regularly i'm mispronouncing simple things and I drew a mental blank this morning when I had to fill in a form for Child 1. What DID I call that baby?!

The back ache has been replaced with a sore mouth and teeth so it's back to owning a baby tooth brush for me as regular grown up brushes are too abrasive.

So rather than be a crabby old moaner and blog about how crabby and moany I am, i've decidea to step away* from the keyboard momentarily. * clearly sidling sideways in authentic crab style.

Fear not, while I am away from the keyboard I will be practising this as a daily ritual :

I think we could all take something from it sometimes. Fear not, if you are planning on getting in touch, I am in good spirits.  I like to keep the bad mood for myself. I'm shellfish like that.


Kim Stratta said...

Get some rest little one! Hope you feel better. Xoxo

Kim Stratta said...

As I'm lying in bed trying to recoup from surgery, I thought I'd try your relaxation video. Love it! Lol xoxo