Friday, 15 January 2016

A Perfectly Ordinary Day

Today my good friends at Love Inc Ltd let me go to HQ and pretend to work there for the morning.  It's a workplace like no other- it's Heaven out of its box. There you can be as off the wall as you dare and someone will double dare you to go one step more.  I love the energy from all the creativity and the fact that everyone genuinely loves doing their work.
It was great to do something so ordinary, to be amongst normal 'stuff'and talk about things other than my health.  Thanks for letting me be part of the gang, guys.
So, that really kicked the day off. From there I went to see a friend for a coffee and a catch up before it was time to collect child 1 and her friends as i'd promised them they could get ready at ours before the school disco. We had so much fun. There was playing,  pizza, pop music and the best bit for me- giving three little girls a makeover which involved hair crimping,  nail painting and a light dusting of makeup.
I've missed doing hair.
In other exciting news, the chesty lump has made a very obvious retreat with this but of chemo - you can feel it's got a lot, lot smaller.  I say 'you' can feel it  but this is by invitation only of course.

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