Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Life as a giant toddler

Last night I made an epic mistake.  I fell asleep on the sofa without the heating on.  This might not sound much of an error to those of you with a) strong backs and b) hair. I woke,  curled up like a dead playing spider at 3am with a definite chill of the scalp regions.  It took about half an hour of willing myself up to get up to bed and the result of last night's hunching has left me with a sore bod. Could be much worse.
Child 1- the only child I have ever known to want to go to school-  made use of her sick bug confinement by writing long letters to her BFFAE (Best Friend Forever And Ever, apparently), while Child 2 decided out of nowhere to wow us with her abilities to colour mix paints. I swear I didn't know what combos made which colour when I was 4.
We're not making waves but we're coping.  I've rested a lot and the house is ticking over despite the fact my eating habits are more whimsical than the average three-year-olds. Current enemies are soup, cheese, talk of soup and or cheese and anything tomatoey except tomatoes.  In effect,  chemo has turned me into the nightmare, fussy kid at a children's party.
However, our reasons to be thankful once again outweigh the rough bits- i've been lent some seasickness bands by a friend and they're helping,  my amazing BFFAE and her husband who help with collecting children or just appear at random times to do bath and bed despite having a family of their own,  a community that brings meals,  friends to check in with us and a family who support us from wherever they are in the world.  I think we're winning.

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