Thursday, 7 January 2016

Two FECs down

Just a short one to let you know yesterday's FEC wasn't as traumatic as the first.  I set off for Maidstone in the morning and had a PICC line fitted in my arm for the chemo to go through and bloods go be taken from.  It's a really simple procedure and If you're inquisitive as I am it's cool to watch.
Then it was back to the hospital in Pembury for chemo and a new to my cocktail blend of anti-sick meds. It's working!
Also great for the spirits was going with my sister who made me laugh the whole time.
In other news- kindness is abound.
My eldest sister sent a food shop as a surprise and the next day an old work colleague and friend sent another. An anonymous samaritan put £100 through the door.
A lovely, brave fellow sufferer has selflessly offered to set up a fundraising site for the girls and me and I finally called Macmillan to see if they can provide a bit of support.
I don't know how I start thanking everyone. Taking is not in my nature and I always think about how people will manage after helping me.  I'm grateful beyond words. It's also important to mention messages from old contacts. These are brilliant.  Just a simple message with 'I wasn't sure if I should message after all this time....', 'I don't know you personally but I know XX,', 'I don't know anyone you know but I read the blog...', these are all beautiful.  You're giving precious time and making mine feel valued.
There's so much to be thankful for in this life we live and most of it comes from the people around us.


Henry Anderson said...

I look forward to you getting better and I think your blog page is very good, I send you my best wishes from Henry and Ruth

Sherry said...

Thank you for sharing your strength through your blog and helping others who are dealing with health issues. Stay strong! Prayers for your complete healing.

doug said...

Wow. You are an inspiration x

Dutch Steve said...

Really proud of you Marianne. Ride the rough days and embrace the good ones. You will get there. Ps Donna and I will be popping round to see you later in the month..get some teabags in xx