Thursday, 21 January 2016

The Magic Hat

I've now learnt what doing too much in good week results in: another cold.  I had one at the same point in my last cycle but this cold has left me feeling like i'm about to run out of battery.  Exhaustion has set in and I forgot I have swapped Super Dad's weekend with the girls until next weekend  to fall in line with chemo so there will be little opportunity to rest up.
I see the sensitive soul that is Child 1 weighing me up and considering every cough, sneeze and yawn as a sign I may be about to keel over, while Child 2 keeps up her relentless comparisons of me and Groo from Despicable Me.
I had my PICC line, the tube in my arm which my chemo  is delivered through,  cleaned and redressed today and I was half expecting to be kept in because in my disaster making brain, cold+chemo= infection and death. Cheery bugger, aren't I?  Turns out colds are still just colds providing my temperature stays  normal and I have to just get on with it.
So Child 1 and I had a chat about all her worries tonight while Child 2, seeing I was distracted,  tried to stuff as many small objects up into the bobble hat I was wearing without me noticing. I thought I had recovered everything but when I took my hat off a moment ago a chocolate, a coin and a pen lid fell out.
Despite wanting to put myself to bed early, it's time to pull myself up off the sofa, clean up the kitchen, prepare for the morning rush and play tooth fairy to Child 1, who has written an accompanying note most probably asking for an increase on the usual £1. That kid is resourceful. About a month ago I asked her to rub my back for 10"minutes which she dutifully agreed to. As she started, she said :'i'll do it for pocket money.  How about  £10?' With that kind of savvy it would never surprise me if she didn't start buying teeth for dirt cheap on the black market and fobbing me off for tooth fairy money.  I wouldn't mind but this is the fiftieth time the tooth fairy has come for her.  How many teeth has one child got?!

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