Saturday, 9 January 2016

This time next year

That's right, the outpouring of positivity from all of you since I discovered cancer and particularly in the past week has led me to think of this time next year.

I dare to dream.

It's not a bucket list because cure is the word of the moment. But I do have a list or a mind explosion of all the things my little adventurers and I will do when cancer was a had and stops being a has.

It might seem strange go talk of bankruptcy and days later speak of plans but I live in a dream world most of the time anyway and hope and dreams are a great medicine.

So I dream of this time next year, the girls and I will have been on holiday.  We are at the beach.  I won't care about what I look like in a bikini because the three of us will be wearing healthy smiles and sharing moments.  We will have played games and pretended to be sea monsters.  We will have eaten ice creams and laughed all day long.  

This time last week my hope had left me. A week on and I am planning the rest of my life. A week ago I was turning my house upside for Diazepam -but all I needed was you. Coincidentally I found the missing box an hour ago. I don't think I need it 

From my dear friend Kim in Texas came a beautiful gift yesterday.  Kim and I are joined in the battle of the BC and were introduced via the power of social media via her cousin and my dear friend, Father John When Kim was diagnosed  a friend of hers gave her a bracelet which helped her through her own battle.  Kim kept it with her through her journey and with Lisa's kind permission it now sits on my wrist to help me through mine with a promise to pass it on when it has served me like it has those before me. I cannot thank these beautiful women enough for their gesture - we have never met in person but through this bracelet we share a bond. I love you with all my heart xxx

On another note,  I received a print from my sister's friend, Lucy today with a touching note about the many perfect,  sunny days I have ahead. The power of words is a wondrous thing. 

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Kim Stratta said...

I love you sweetheart! Can't wait to see who you pass it on to when you are all better! Xoxo