Monday, 11 January 2016

UPDATED: Oh Kit Kat, I really would like to have a break

After going through my first cycle of chemo being waited on hand and foot while the girls were at Super Dad's,  I suppose I hadn't expected what the early days would be like after throwing two little people into the mix.
Child 1 came back last night feeling sombre. Under normal circumstances that would get my mummy senses tingling but last night nausea and tiredness had taken hold. I fed and bedded the girls but they didn't stay there.  Their routine was out of sorts. They wanted to phone Super Dad, his mum,  his dad. They certainly didn't want to sleep. By 10 o'clock I was putting myself to bed and a few short hours later was woken by ; "Mummy, i've been sick!"
Cue bleary eyed bed stripping, child washing and order restoring,  all while holding back  my own queasiness. A few more hours of sleep until morning and Child 2 was wide awake and full of her usual limitless energy.
The sick bug has continued- while i'm suffering from tingling and sore hands and feet, a headache and something similar to morning sickness.
I'm hoping to put everyone to bed early tonight and start the week tomorrow.

Update: So, this happened.  Today = worth it!

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