Tuesday, 19 January 2016

And....How Are You?

I'm relishing this week and all the simple pleasures I not only took for granted but wholeheartedly dreaded before the chemo life. Coming up for air from the side effects,  I'm back on form and as well as keeping on top of all the house stuff, i'm decorating,  socialising and getting all types of creative.  I think chemo kills procrastination cells too.
At the weekend my oldest friends surprised me with a visit from halfway across the country and cooked a roast for the girls and me. I'm so proud to know such intelligent and thoughtful women who as teenagers, we sat together and wrote reams of diaries about boys and secrets and glitter and bacardi breezes. Now, all these years later,  we share still more secrets, memories and enjoy watching as our own daughters navigate their own paths, even if we do hope they don't make all the same choices. (Cutting your own hair and kissing boys that look like Pob being examples).
I'm certain I feel as good as I do this week because of all the love and support I have around me and i even gave in and finally wrote a song for a friend's band which he assures me didn't totally suck and i cant wait to hear the recording later on in the week.

So it brings me back to the title of this blog- how are you? I've spent so long in a haze of chemo and fear i've lost touch with everybody else's lives and I worry the carer fatigue will set in soon for all of you who have kept me lifted up.  In short, hit me with it. All your news. All your usual conversation.  Nothing is off limits.  I'm all ears. I miss being a friend, a sister, and a daughter.  If I can help you,  let me. I have a pocket of time to live before the chemo wave rolls in again.

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