Monday, 4 January 2016

You Guys

I'm not in the habit of posting twice in the same day bit I needed to update on what's happened since my public implosion earlier on.
Love happened. From everywhere. In all forms. I've told you before about the community I live in but to really explain, it went like this- prayers and hugs, a bag of essentials and arrangements for the girls to be cared for while i'm at chemo round 2, a friend arriving with black bags who spent hours tidying the house and came armed with more essentials,  dinner and dessert being dropped off, a packed lunch being volunteered for child 1 tomorrow, messages of support - so many with phone numbers and 'what can I do?'  Offers to write letters to creditors. Not failing to mention my Crazy Cat Lady Doll who put a huge smile on my face. The list goes on. We live in a magical place. I truly believe a greater plan brought us here and I am overwhelmed by the love and care we have been shown.
Then on top of that is the unbelievable response from former work friends who are sharing the blog everywhere they can, sending fleece lined hats to keep my cold head warm, old friends who are offering to turn up and do anything we need, and my family who are always in the background coordinating and arranging without an expectation of thanks ( I include my best friend in this category too).
It may seem like I have just listed a lot of stuff i'm gladly receiving but while all those things are undoubtedly making life easier,  it's the giving of time and thought that astounds me. In church it's the genuine love and prayers from others who selflessly give while going through their own trials. Yes, I may feel sorry for myself for being financially poor but I am rich because of all of you.  If I am brave, you made me so.
A new friend asked me today whats the first thing I will do when I get better.  Easy. I'll give back.


Tanya Baker said...

Marianne, you don't know me but I'm a friend of your Mum, I used to work with her in Weymouth. I stumbled across your blog when a mutual friend on FB liked it. You are an inspiration to everyone, you are a brave young woman to be sharing this. My thoughts are with all of you at this time, I wish I lived closer to offer you some support. Tanya xx

jackie said...

We won't stop praying for you and please if help isn't there when you need it - then ask. We all want to help but don't always know how. Xx