Monday, 18 January 2016

Love and other four letter words

It's my good week and I'm packing in as much as I possibly can. I'm filling my time with the ferocity of someone doing a trolley dash and it's the morale boost I need. The Cancer is becoming much more of an afterthought than the only thought, although i'm pretty sure dipping my toe into the online dating swamp has also played it's part as a distraction.
A few of you have been asking about 'The Chap' I mentioned in a previous post.  To be clear he is A Chap. Not The Chap and definitely not My Chap. He is however part of a dating horror story, (my doing , not his) which I won't detail here.

Online dating is a bit like dredging the Thames.  You have to pull out a load of buckled bikes and wonky trolleys to find a scrap of something you might want to keep and men online are ruthless.  I'm pretty sure most of them have spent a lot of time alone watching Scrapheap Challenge because of the humourless way they present themselves in their quest to find the working parts they need.
 I'm up front about the kids and The Cancer and I thank God for my sense of humour because I have lost count of the number of times I have been told I have too much baggage or that i'm too much to take on. Gone are the days of being wooed.  Instead now I am weighed up like an awkwardly shaped, doesn't fit with the rest of the decor, piece of furniture.

 I know you could say there's plenty of time for all this when i'm better but i'm still just about  (if you squint a bit) young enough to hope i'll get a second chance at lifetime love.  My lovely friends tell me they have a feeling if will happen and list all of all the things they love about me (friends are good like that) but soon the few swamp dwellers left who don't consider my baggage too cumbersome and still want to date me will be faced with a new dilemma -the possibility of having a cleavage bigger than mine. I thought you got a straight swap, old for new, but it turns out there will be many a month inbetween stages while healing commences.

Not going to lie, i'm still holding out for Keanu Reeves.  That has to be why he's still single, right?

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